How to Obtain PMP Certification in Canada?

Toronto is Canada’s business as well as financial capital, a growing economic hub in North America, and a top ten commercial center globally. Toronto would be competitive in almost every other primary business sector, from technology and life sciences for green energy, from design and fashion to food and beverage, from television and film production to digital media and music.

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Why Should You Obtain a PMP Certification in Canada?

Toronto is considered the second-largest economic hub in North America and has one of the largest financial services company headquarters in the Americas. With its reputation for soundness, safety, and stability, Toronto would be fast becoming a global location destination for lots of financial services.

This would be translating to endless career opportunities for project managers. However, even with the availability of such job opportunities, employers aren’t just going to hire regular candidates but also employ the most qualified and experienced individuals.

This is why most companies have a as either a compulsory or an essential qualification for project managers and other related positions. Getting this certification would increase your chances of surpassing the prequalification stage in hiring and could even double your likelihood of landing a superior job in management.

There would also be numerous other benefits you could obtain from the program.

These are:

  • Better understanding of current business dynamics.

  • Inclusion in the decision-making process of your company.

  • Increased salary negotiation power.

  • Professional recognition by your peers.

  • Recognition for salary appraisal and promotion opportunities.

Requirements for PMP Certification in Toronto

The PMI has a strict set of requirements that all candidates must meet for being eligible for the PMP certification. The criteria would be based on your academic qualifications, project management training, and your previous experience in managing projects that are often quantified in hours.

Category I

1. A secondary degree, associate’s degree, high school diploma, or a global equivalent.

2. Completing at least 7500 hours of handling and supervising projects over a minimum of 5 years.

3. 35 hours of training in the field of project management.


Category II

1. A bachelor’s degree while applying for PMP Certification.

2. Completing at least 4500 hours of handling and supervising projects over a minimum of 3 years.

3. Having completed about 35 hours of training in the field of project management.

PMP Training Centers in Canada

There would be plenty of PMP training providers to choose from in Toronto and neighboring cities such as York, Weston, Swansea, Downsford of Canada. We recommend you go for the online training courses that you could access from not just Canada, but from any corner of the world and by sitting at your comfort at your home. In this pandemic time, it would be pretty tricky for you to obtain the offline training, but you could rely on the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps formulated by experts and 24 by seven supports, which would help you at any time you face trouble. If you are thinking about how to obtain PMP Certification in Canada, is the answer.


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