Where to get PMP Questions on Resource Management for Practice?

If you are taking the PMP exam and have a problem with interacting with others, you might wish to get on that! Experienced project managers typically spend comparatively less time studying for the Resource Management chapter of the PMBOK guide precisely for that reason: they would have developed and motivated many, many project team members throughout their careers. Below, we will discuss PMP questions on Resource Management and check out the for further preparation.

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PMP Questions on Resource Management

1. You are utilizing a RACI matrix for keeping track of deliverables. How many individuals could be “Accountable” for a particular deliverable?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. unlimited.

2. As the project manager, your project requires an employee with high technical skills in particular areas for success. You will have asked your associate project managers and the HR sector if they know of anyone in the company who would be fitting for the role. No one seems to think that anyone at your company would have that particular technical skill.

What must you do next?

A. Inquire a functional manager for an employee that almost possesses the skills.

B. Look beyond your organization for a subcontractor or consultant.

C. Utilize a virtual team to observe if the resource exists elsewhere in your company.

D. Eliminate the project.

3. You would be having the human resource management plan as well as the project staff assignments. What do you require before you could begin to develop the project team?

A. Team-building

B. Ground rules

C. Resource calendars

D. Training

4. You are a project manager in a matrix environment, so you would have to share your project team members’ supervision with their functional manager. Sometimes there would be competing priorities, and your team members would be spending too much time on their function, which might lead your project to fall behind schedule. You choose to visit each of your project team member’s offices to ask questions and listening to their concerns about the project. You influenced them, while clearly expressing your points and positions, that they must be spending more time on the project.

What skill are you using here?

A. Bribing

B. Effective decision-making

C. Influencing

D. Smoothing/accommodating

5. Your project team members are stressed out because they couldn’t seem to complete their required work in the allotted time. What document could you confer with for shaping how much time your project team members have available?

A. Compliance plan

B. Project organization charts

C. RACI chart

D. Resource histogram

6. Project performance appraisals would be a tool in which process of project management?

A. Control Quality

B. Manage Project Team

C. Monitor and Control Project Work

D. Validate Scope

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