Pakistan Kashmir Dispute - Saudi Arabia imposed debt on Pakistan and petrol-diesel exports.


Saudi Arab News[/b] - Fighting false war for Kashmir is a loss to Pakistan. The demand for Pakistan to raise the Kashmir issue in front of Saudi Arabia was overwhelming. The Saudi Arabian government has made it clear that now Pakistan will neither be given loans nor petrol-diesel i.e. oil. In fact, Pakistan has been criticizing Saudi Arabia and the UAE at the instigation of China for some time. 

It is constantly demanding that these two countries call a meeting of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and discuss the Kashmir issue. Saudi is the chairman of OIC. It has deep diplomatic and economic ties with India. Therefore, he has been refusing to accept this demand.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Foreign Minister recently made some statements indicating that Pakistan is threatening Saudi. He took a $ 1 billion loan from China and repaid the first installment of Saudi borrowings from it. However, there is still a debt of $ 5.2 billion left.

Relationships deteriorated due to this

Ever since India removed Article 370 in Kashmir, Pakistan has been demanding that a meeting of foreign ministers of OIC countries be called on this matter. But, Saudi Arabia is not ready on this issue. He categorically denied Pakistan for this. Imran Khan has criticized Saudi.


Today India has the largest religious festival in the country - Krishna Birth Festival, Hindus call it - Krishna Janmastami

Krishna Janmashtami -2020 india


India News - On this day all Indian Hindus worship their Lord Krishna. According to Dharmirik belief, Lord Krishna was born in a prison on this day. God's parents were kept in jail. A king Kansa was told that God is going to be born and you will die in his hands. The king had Krishna's parents imprisoned in prison. But after Krishna's birth, the doors of the jail were opened automatically and Krishna, his father, hid in another village. After growing up, he made the world go by killing King Kamsa. In such memory, Lord Krishna is worshiped today.

The History of God Krishna

Krishna was born in the city of Mathura, India. A huge temple has been built at this place. People come from all the countries of the world to see this temple. Life stories of Lord Krishna are found in the old history of India.

How is this festival celebrated

People wake up at 12 noon to celebrate this festival. Krishna was born at 12 o'clock. Then Krishna is worshiped. Religious songs are sung. People dance in this festival. Food, clothing, donations are given to the poor. The cow is worshiped. Sweet children are distributed sweets. It is worshiped in all the temples of Krishna. The idol of Krishna is decorated with flowers and beautiful clothes. Along with India, this festival is also celebrated in many other countries.

Dahi Hari Utsav

It is an ancient tradition to celebrate this day. In this, curd is filled in a large round vessel and it is tied at a very high height. The children are then asked to break it up into a group pyramind. The group that breaks the pot is considered the winner. This group is rewarded.


Terrorist of Pakistan - Pakistan Army training Taliban militants in Afghan hills


Pakistan News - Pakistan is now giving covert training to terrorists against India. Some terrorists in China and some in Afghanistan. Pakistan thought that no one would know about this. But India's intelligence network has spread like a spider web in the world. Which no one can fail. 

There is a big disclosure in the report of intelligence agencies. According to the report, the Army of Pakistan is giving arms training to Taliban, Afghani and Pathani terrorists at a secret place in the hills of Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Security agencies have also received information that the commandos of Pakistan's Special Service Group are training these terrorists. After training, there is a plan to bring these terrorists to the launch pad to carry out major incidents in the Kashmir Valley. Sources have informed that Pakistan Army has activated several launch pads of Kashmir under the cover of Pakistan Army Ceasefire. More than 380 terrorists have been gathered here.


US PREDIDENT ELECTION NEWS - Kamala Harris becomes Vice Presidential candidate from Democratic Party

Biden's choice of Kamala Harris as VP candidate 'unprecedented ...


USA NEWS - Biden is a Hindu heroic leader. He has played this trick to win the Kevak election. Biden has lent support to Pakistan and China against India. Which has been opposed by India. If Biden becomes president, Pakistan and China will dominate the US. Taking a historic step, Presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party in the US has chosen Indian-origin Kamla Harris as the Vice-Presidential candidate. On Tuesday, Biden tweeted - It is a great honor for me to announce that I have chosen Kamala Harris. He is a fearless fighter, the finest public servant in the country.

If 78-year-old Biden wins the elections, he will be the oldest president, while Harris is currently 55 years old. Harris is currently a Senate member. She has been the Attorney General of California. So far, only twice in the history of America has a woman become a vice-presidential candidate.

In 1984, Democrat Geraldine Ferraro and in 2008 Republican Sarah Palin were elected vice-presidential candidates. But no one won.

Mother indian and father african

Kamala Harris is identified as an Indian-American. His mother Shyamala Gopalan was from the state of Tamil Nadu, India. She was a cancer researcher. Kamala Harris's maternal grandfather PV Gopalan was an Indian freedom fighter. He became a civil servant after independence. Kamala's father Donald Harris is of Jamaica. He has been a Professor of Economy. Kamala is the first non-white candidate in the list of Vice-Presidential candidates.

Presented candidacy for presidential elections

Kamala Harris submitted a bid for the presidential election on behalf of the Democratic Party. However, in the primary elections, they were defeated by Biden and Bernie Sanders. In a debate on the Democratic candidate, he accused Biden of promoting racism. After this, she also got some edge in the elections, but still she was far behind.

Old relationship with biden is not good

There is an interesting point in the relationship between Joe Biden and Kamala. Joe's sons Biu and Kamala are good friends. Beau has been the Attorney General of Delaware. At the same time, Kamla has criticized Joe on several occasions. Last year Joe also expressed surprise. According to CNN - Joe and Kamla's relationship has improved because of Beau.

Indian Americans and blacks hold good

Kamala Harris's mother being an Indian and father being African, she has a good hold in both the communities. There has been anger against the government among blacks since the death of George Floyd. In such a situation, the Democratic Party wants to pull them towards him.

During the primary elections, Kamala wrote an article in which she expressed her pride in being black. Along with this, Indian culture was also praised. He also posted a video making masala dosa.

Good day for the country: Obam

Former US President Barack Obama said on Kamla Harris's election that it was a good day for the country. They are completely ready. He spent his entire career protecting the constitution of the country. Along with this, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former President Bill Clinton have also described Kamala Harris as Biden's strong partner. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has also lent her support. He said that Joe Biden will unite the people of America.

Trump said - kamla is against od beiden in past

Trump said - surprised by Harris' election

US President and Republican nominee Donald Trump said that I am surprised to see Kamala Harris elected as the Democratic Party's Vice Presidential candidate. His performance in the primary elections was very poor. Along with this, she has been speaking very bad for Biden, she never respected him. In such a situation, Biden's selection of Harris is surprising.


Section 144 started in Bengaluru - violence broke out on social media controversy, 2 killed, 60 policemen injured, more than 200 people arrested


India News - In Bengaluru, Karnataka. Some people, who were hurt by a Facebook post late on Tuesday, created a ruckus, setting the police station and MLA's house on fire. Now on Wednesday morning, when the whole picture was cleared in the light, what could be seen on the streets of Bangalore was visible.

Bgluru Vilance
Benluru Voilance

Image By Ani 

Naveen, nephew of Congress MLA Srinivas Murthy, posted an objection about a particular community. This enraged the people of a community. Commissioner Kamal Kant said that accused Naveen has been arrested. Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that additional forces have been deployed in the violence-ridden areas. Action will be taken against the miscreants. A police station was set on fire. Police had to fire to control the situation. 2 died in it. At the same time, more than 60 policemen were injured. These include an additional police commissioner.

begluru Voilance

Image By ANI

Police Action In The Night

Violence erupted in Bengaluru on Tuesday night over an objectionable Facebook post. A police station was set on fire. Police had to fire to control the situation. The violence took place in the city's DJ Halli and KG Halli police station areas. At present, curfew has been imposed here. At the same time, Section 144 has been imposed all over Bengaluru. So far 110 people have been arrested.

Congress legislator's house set on fire[/b]

Congress MLA Murthy's house was ransacked and set on fire. Trains were set on fire. The MLA appealed to the people not to commit violence. He said in the video message, 'I appeal to the people that we should not indulge in violence due to the mistakes of some miscreants.

Legal Statement Of Nephew of Congress MLA

The nephew of the Congress MLA has presented a clarification in this matter. He said that his Facebook account was hacked. He has not commented on any religion. MLA Murthy also issued a statement defending the nephew.


Attack on police post in Afghanistan / Nangarhar; 6 policemen killed, 6 injured

Islamic State′ kills six officials in attack on police


Afghanistan News - In Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, terrorists attacked law enforcement officers (law enforcement officers). Six officers were killed and six injured. Locals gave this information to news agency Sputnik on Tuesday. He said the militants attacked a local police checkpoint in Gera Khel area of ​​Pachir wa Agam district of the province on Monday evening.

The injured officers have been admitted to the Nangarhar Public Hospital. So far neither the government nor the terrorist groups have confirmed the incident. The peace deal was signed between the Taliban and the US on 29 February. Despite this, violent incidents continue in Afghanistan.

There was an attack in jail to free the IS terrorists.

Earlier, terrorists attacked in the prison of Jalalabad city of Afghanistan on Sunday. It killed 29 people, while 50 were injured. The attack was carried out to free hundreds of IS militants jailed. In the 18-hour-long encounter, security forces killed three terrorists who attacked the jail.


India Indepence Day Festival - Indian national flage to be hoisted in New York's Times Square on August 15

Indian Indepence day celevretion in Newyork


India News - For the first time after 73 years of India's independence, India's tricolor will be hoisted at Times Square in New York, USA on August 15 this year. The Empire State Building, one of the historical heritage of the day before, will also be illuminated with three colors of tricolor, saffron, white and green light. The event will be organized by The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA). On this occasion, Consul General of India Randhir Jaiswal will be present in New York as Guest of Honor.

celebrate Independence-day

The FIA ​​is the oldest and largest association of Indian people living in the US. It was made in 1970. According to the FIA, this year is the association's Golden Jubilee Year. This program is being done to make it memorable.

Indian consulate will do a virtual program

Celebrations take place every year on 15 August at the Indian Consulate in New York. But, due to the epidemic this year, the program will be in virtual form. It will be telecast live.


Russian President Putin's declaration - We made the vaccine and got it registered, got the first dose applied to our daughter.


RUSSIA NEWS - This is very important news of the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, "We have made a safe vaccine of Corona and have also been registered in the country. I have administered the first vaccine to one of my two daughters and she is feeling well.

The world's first corona vaccine arrived:

According to Russian officials, this vaccine, named Gam-Covid-Vac Lyo, has received approval from the Russian Ministry of Health and the Regulatory Body as per the planned plan. It is being told that this vaccine will be given to frontline medical workers, teachers and people at risk.

Russia had already told it a month ago

A month ago, Russia had indicated that their vaccine was at the forefront of the trial and they would get it registered between 10 and 12 August. However, America and Britain do not trust Russia regarding this vaccine. Russia is also facing allegations of stealing the vaccine formula.

Production in September, will start from October

The world's first vaccine has been prepared by the Ministry of Defense and Gamalaya National Center for Research on Epidemiology and Microbiology. Preparations have been started to produce it from September and to install people from October.